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What is Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring – What is it?

French Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring – A Beautiful Organic Stone

Limestone flooring tiles are a natural, organic product formed over millions of years often at the bottom of the sea, although never in the deepest depths of the oceans.

Limestone varies in its source of formation, however limestone often forms as skeletal fragments of marine
organisms such as coral or foraminifera compress to create a seam of limestone rock.

We import our limestone from around the world, which means that you can take advantage of the wonderful natural variations in colour and composition that are on offer.

Our French Limestone Tiles are sourced from two quarries in France.

Limestone rock forms in layers – often called bedding planes. These bedding planes contain many vertical cracks called joints that interconnect.

Limestone is a porous rock and it is these joints and bedding planes that make the rock permeable to water.

Iron oxides and organic materials create a variety of colours and surface markings on limestone flooring tiles.
Usually a light coloured flooring tile, the impurities in the rock offer wonderful variation in colour and texture.

When inspecting your limestone tiles, many ancient fragments of fossilised shells will often be visible.
Limestone tiles can be honed for a smooth contemporary finish or tumbled for a rustic traditional feel.

French limestone can be pillowed for that softer, traditional feel that provides the perfect flourish to any flooring project.

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Our Best Selling French Limestone Flooring

Seashell Antique Limestone #

Seashell Antique Limestone

Richer in colour than its tumbled Seashell counterpart, but with ever so slightly rounded edges, it will add beauty and warmth to your home. The occasional inclusion of large fossils makes the Seashell stone tile stand apart from the crowd.
Opus pattern x 1.2cm = £46.00m2
Grande opus x 1.5cm = £60.00m2
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Seashell Antique Limestone #

Lanesborough Limestone

A muted grey of varying tones, the tumbled edges softens the look of the tile, producing a subtle looking classical grey stone tile, which will sit comfortably in an array of settings.
Opus pattern = £59.00m2
40.6cm x 61cm = £65.00m2
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Seashell Antique Limestone #

Old Grey Limestone

This classical flagstone floor will recall visits to old pubs and church’s where original flagstone floors are still present. It is grey in a classical old school way, traditional and timeless. The tumbled and brushed surface recreates a natural stone floor which looks centuries old.
56cm x 56cm x 2cm = £39.50m2
56cm x 70cm x 2cm = £39.50m2
56cm x 84cm x 2cm = £42.50m2
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