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What are Flagstone Tiles

What are Flagstone Tiles

The term Flagstone describes large format stone tiles including limestone, sandstone, slate, and travertine stone.

Flagstone Tiles come in a Honed or Tumbled finish providing for a Contemporary or Traditional finish.

Honed Flagstone Tiles are polished and cut with straight edges.

Tumbled Flagstone Tiles have a natural finish with chipped edges.

Flagstone Tiles in Courses

Flagstone Tiles are traditionally laid down in “Courses.”

The term “Course” refers to laying down the flagstone tiles in rows from wall to wall.

By laying Flagstone Tiles in courses side by side we deliver a traditional Flagstone Tile Floor.

Combining different sized Flagstone Tiles in courses running next to each other we ensure the floor does not look too choreographed.

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