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Old Grey Farmhouse Flagstone – Hereford

Old Grey Farmhouse Flagstone – Hereford, February 2013 Location: Herefordshire. Date: February 2013. Project Description:A large room in a manor house, requiring a traditional large flagstone floor. Flooring Specification:Old Grey farmhouse flagstone ( supplied in 3 sizes 60cm x 90cm, 60cm x 75cm, 60cm x 60cm ). Floor Fitted: White-Hall Flooring The project was a large room in a manor …

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Limestone Flooring from White-Hall

Limestone Flooring from White-Hall When decorating your home the lynchpin that ties everything together is the stone floor. Not only must the floors surface tie in with the rest of the décor of the house, it must also be easy to clean since accidents and mess will inevitably happen and of course strong enough to resist the wear-and-tear of everyday …

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Stone Flooring From White-Hall

Stone Flooring From White-Hall When decorating your home the most important decision is the flooring. In addition to the need to be eye catching, it must also be easy to clean and durable enough to withstand damage from the day to day use it’ll receive. Stone flooring, specifically flagstones, offer the perfect solution to all three problems. The distinctive appearance …

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Flagstone Flooring – Hereford

Flagstone Flooring – Herefordshire, December 2012 Location: Hereford – Herefordshire. Date: January 2013. Project Description:A hardwearing floor suitable for an entrance hall, in a busy family home. Flooring Specification:An easy to look after floor, to withstand the rigours of possible flooding. Floor Fitted: White-Hall Flooring The customer required an easy to look after floor, to withstand the rigours of possible …

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Travertine flooring for commercial properties

When looking for the right stone flooring tiles for heavy traffic, commercial premises, travertine flooring may be the solution you have been searching for. Travertine is a derivative of limestone and has been used for thousands of years by architects and builders throughout Europe. Particularly favoured by the Romans, the Travertine monuments that still stand in Rome today are testament …

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Maintaining Your Stone Flooring

Choosing the right stone flooring for your project is the key to a great looking, long lasting stone floor. The first question we should ask, is what will the traffic over the floor be like? Are you buying for a commercial premises that will need to be hard wearing and take heavy traffic day after day. Perhaps you are buying …

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Natural Stone Flooring from White-Hall

When laying natural stone floors, great care should be paid to the preparation and sealing of the stone flooring. It is at this stage, your efforts will be rewarded if you follow a simple process designed to protect your stone. The area upon which your stone flooring is to be laid should be leveled and lined. When your stone tiles …

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Travertine Flooring – Tumbled Finish

If you are looking to complete your interior design project in a rural location, then a tumbled finish on your travertine flooring could be the answer. The tumbled finish delivers an irregular, soft edge to the travertine flooring tiles and replicates an antique finish. To achieve the tumbled finish, the stone flooring tiles are placed in a large drum filled …

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Stone Flooring at Christmas

This Christmas, add style and flair to your home with beautiful stone flooring from White-Hall. We import French Limestone from a number of quarries in France and deliver throughout the U.K. The stone flooring is selected from the Burgundy region, and our long standing relationship with our suppliers delivers a superior product. Our Fontenay Pillow Edged Limestone Flooring is well …

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Stone Flooring – Continental Style

Stone Flooring – Continental Style at Home Stone flooring comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. Our stone is imported from all over the world, allowing you to enjoy the sophistication and style at home. The soft tumbled edges and smooth textured surface, lends this Stone Flooring a certain gentility that some of the more rustic flagstones may …

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