Sustainable Oak Policy | White Hall

Sustainable Oak Policy

About our Oak Flooring

White Hall is a company dedicated to supporting responsible use of forest products in order to lessen the environmental impact.

All our pine floorboards are made from reclaimed Victorian beams and we only select our oak timber from well managed forestry in Europe and Herefordshire. We recognise a responsibility not only to our customers but also to the environment at large, that any supplier bases its commercial activities on well managed forests.

Our wood is sourced from companies who are committed to sourcing all timber from legal sources, and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

Traceability and Supplier Monitoring

We will seek from our suppliers:

  • Evidence of commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance
  • Clearest practicable information on the sources of wood products
  • Evidence of good forest management practice at the original source of wood products.
  • Timber Certificate

Our supplier will only accept or use labels or certificates which include claims of environmental soundness or sustainability, if these are supported by publicly available standards drawn up in a fully participatory, transparent and objective manner and backed by independent inspection.

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