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What maintenance does Natural Stone Paving require?

Maintaining Your Beautiful Natural Stone Paving

Your Natural Stone Paving will require Very Little Maintenance if sealed correctly.

One of the misconceptions with Natural Stone Paving is that they require a lot of maintenance.

This is down to a couple of factors.

1. If you have ever previously owned, or know of someone who has owned an old stone floor they often stain easily because THE FLOOR HAS NEVER BEEN SEALED.

2. A new stone floor will stain if sealed with a poor quality sealer. The floor finish products we stock by FILA are proved to be resistant and long lasting by our previous customers. The cost for their sealants may average £2-3m2, against £1m2 for cheaper sealants, but is our belief that it is money well spent for the ease of maintenance for the future.

How long a sealant will last is difficult to put a timeframe on this due to different useages, but –

heavy traffic ( country setting, kids, pets etc ) may be 2 – 7 years
Light traffic ( little mud etc coming into house ) 10 – 15 years
Very light traffic ( shoes off at entrance way ) will last indefinitely.

Staining Your Natural Stone Paving

If you do spill anything on the floor acidic like wine, ribena, as long as it is wiped off in a relatively short time after it is spilt there will be no staining.

If a spill is left for longer and it penetrates through the sealant into the stone, then there is a STAIN REMOVER BY FILA that will neutralize and remove the stain.

I have had a case where a box of RED wine was left on a floor for 2 days which had leaked, and left a prominent stain when the box was moved. The stain remover was used and to much relief the stain completely disappeared.

The sealant will struggle to cope with hot fat from cooking if it repeatedly goes on the floor.

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