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How will my Tumbled Flagstone Flooring look when it is laid?

Tumbled Flagstone Flooring – Choosing the Right Look

The type of finish which best suits your project will depend on your design specification.

We supply mainly 3 types of stone finish -

Tumbled Tumbled Flagstone Flooring

An antique distressed look with slightly irregular rounded edges to the Tumbled Flagstone Flooring tile

Honed Tumbled Flagstone Flooring

The surface of the Tumbled Flagstone Flooring tile is machined leaving a flat, smooth finish. The edges are also cut at a sharp 90 degree angle.

Polished Tumbled Flagstone Flooring

Where the surface of the Tumbled Flagstone Flooring tile is buffed to a high shine.

Contemporary or Traditional Tumbled Flagstone Flooring

It does not always follow that the tumbled finish is only suited to an old building, or the honed or polished only for contemporary. It is at this point where you will need to ask yourself whether you’re aiming for a traditional antique design, or a more contemporary look.


In bathrooms the honed or polished tile finish is the most popular, due to the ability to produce a tight joint, and consequently lower maintenance.

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