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Natural Stone Flooring

The explosion of imported Natural Stone Flooring from all corners of the world in the last 10 years has introduced a wealth of choice, and at very modest introductory prices.

Good quality Natural Stone Flooring is now available in a number of different finishes, and we would like to think that within our range of stone there is a tile suitable for most UK households.

As with all projects it is a case of finding a Natural Stone Flooring Tile that is suitable for a particular required look. This could be the more rustic honed and filled travertine from our internet range for just £16.50 a square metre, or the refined pillowed edge Fontenay, from our French Limestone collection for £99 a square metre.

Beautiful Natural Stone Flooring Tiles from White Hall Pure Natural Flooring.

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Our Best Selling Natural Stone Flooring

Seashell Antique Limestone Flooring Tiles

Seashell Antique Limestone

Richer in colour than its tumbled Seashell counterpart, but with ever so slightly rounded edges, it will add beauty and warmth to your home. The occasional inclusion of large fossils makes the Seashell stone tile stand apart from the crowd.
Opus pattern x 1.2cm = £46.00m2
Grande opus x 1.5cm = £60.00m2
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Lanesborough Limestone Flooring Tiles

Lanesborough Limestone

A muted grey of varying tones, the tumbled edges softens the look of the tile, producing a subtle looking classical grey stone tile, which will sit comfortably in an array of settings.
Opus pattern = £59.00m2
40.6cm x 61cm = £65.00m2
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Old Grey Limestone Flooring Tiles

Old Grey Limestone

This classical flagstone floor will recall visits to old pubs and church’s where original flagstone floors are still present. It is grey in a classical old school way, traditional and timeless. The tumbled and brushed surface recreates a natural stone floor which looks centuries old.
56cm x 56cm x 2cm = £39.50m2
56cm x 70cm x 2cm = £39.50m2
56cm x 84cm x 2cm = £42.50m2
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