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Which Natural Stone Flooring is right for me?

Making the Right Choice

When selecting your floor, the first easiest choice is what type of floor finish you prefer. This breaks down into a choice of 3 -

1. Tumbled edge ( results in a distinctive antique finish )
2. Honed ( a machine finish where the result is an absolute flat, smooth finish, and sharp 90 degree edges to the tile,a more contemporary look )
3. Polished ( the surface of the tile is finished with a high polished sheen ).

The Colour of your Natural Stone Flooring Makes all the Difference!

The next choice would then naturally turn to what colour choice you prefer. At this stage consideration will need to be taken for the overall design for the room.

If you opt for a fairly neutral colour of a warm cream/beige, matching up other colours within the room is fairly straight forward.

If you opt for a tile with more colour then consideration will need to be taken for the knock on affect to the rest of the room. i.e if fitting a kitchen floor, a coloured tile will need to fit in with the colour of the kitchen/worktops.

We are here to help you get it right

Often in the design of a room there are various stages where colour can be introduced.

In a kitchen this can be in the tile choice, kitchen cabinets, worktop, wall paint, wall tiles, and accessories ( pictures, towels, cups etc ).

So don’t always feel the need to have to choose a coloured tile, but if you do make sure it will match in with everything else.

The same applies for a bathroom.

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