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About Us

Our History

White Hall was originally set up by Richard Rogers as a reclamation yard. Increasingly though, customer requirements steered the business to supplying new, but classical products. This was mainly in natural stone and oak flooring
and bathrooms.

The business is now located at 2 sites. The Shop, at 28 Church Street, Hereford, and The Yard in Hampton Bishop, Hereford. The Yard is the site where the reclamation business was originally set up, and now acts as our distribution centre as well as having its own showroom and offices. The stone is all stored on site and there is a large display area of external flagstones.

The shop has a stronger visual impact with generous displays in all of the flooring and bathrooms, spread out over 3 stunning floors of an old Queen Anne building. If it is timeless appeal you are after then our flooring and bathrooms offer ample choice of both, and our sales staff are always on hand to help with any advice or book you a free home consultancy visit.

The Yard

All of our stone is stored at our retail/distribution yard in Hampton Bishop, Hereford. If you like to see products in the raw then the yard is for you. Crate upon crate of stone is stored on the premises, which allows you to view the stone before buying it.

We have our best selling internal stones and oak flooring displayed in our modest showrooms (converted old railway carriages). There is also a large display area of all of our external stones just infront of the showroom.

You can also purchase small or large samples, of any of our stones, to take away with you to try at home. Our sales staff, Rufus and Caroline, are always on hand to help with any advice where required, and cups of tea where needed.

“The yard” in essence gives you a down to earth experience of buying your stone or wood floor, and essentially allows you to view the stone in the crates before purchasing.


Beautiful Limestone Flooring and Limestone Tiles. Traditional Flagstone Flooring and Flagstone Tiles. Natural Stone Flooring in Hereford - White Hall Natural Stone Flooring Supplying the UK from our Hereford Showroom and Yard.