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Tumbled and Filled Travertine Flooring

Tumbled and Filled Travertine Tiles – Titley – May 2013

Location: Titley , Herefordshire.

Date: May 2013.

Project Description: A natural stone floor for a kitchen in a new oak frame extension.

Flooring Specification: Tumbled and filled Travertine flooring tiles in a large Opus pattern. The kitchen floor area covers 52m2 and the Travertine tiles are priced at £48m2 + vat.

The project involved fitting the tumbled Travertine tiles in a new oak extension running through the kitchen and into the back hallway.

The mixture of the creams, beige’s and walnut in the Travertine floor tile compliment the newly installed oak beams, whilst possessing enough colour to stand out amongst the abundance of natural light pouring in. The tumbled edge tile softens the look of the stone, resulting in a more traditional stone floor, suited to this type of project.

Floor Fitted: White-Hall Flooring

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Tumble and filled Travertine Flooring

Tumbled and filled Travertine Flooring

Tumbled and filled Travertine Flooring

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