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Why Travertine flooring?

Travertine flooring is a wonderful looking stone flooring tile that ranges in finish, colour and price, from affordable right through to our most exclusive stone tiles.

A beautiful, organic stone, typically quarried at the edge of rivers where mineral sediments have formed the stone over millions of years, Travertine Flooring delivers a wonderful finish to any interior design project.

Once the preserve of the Roman elite who used travertine in their luxurious villas some 2000 years ago, we now import this stylish stone from our suppliers in Turkey.

Travertine tiles HEREFORD

The tumbled and filled travertine flooring tiles are filled at the quarry and arrive with a smooth finish that is easy to keep clean.

The tumbled finish delivers a lovely rustic feel and is perfect for those projects where a traditional stone is required.

The honed finish delivers a more contemporary feel and delivers sharp edges cut at 90 degrees.

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