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Maintaining Your Stone Flooring

Choosing the right stone flooring for your project is the key to a great looking, long lasting stone floor.

The first question we should ask, is what will the traffic over the floor be like? Are you buying for a commercial premises that will need to be hard wearing and take heavy traffic day after day. Perhaps you are buying stone flooring for your home and traffic will be light and infrequent.

limestone flooring tiles

When we understand the requirements of the stone flooring, we can make an informed decision about the style, colour and finish that will best serve you.

There are a range of hard wearing flagstones designed for heavy traffic areas. With a tumbled finish and dark collour they will keep looking great for years to come. Of course, we always recommend sealing and protecting your stone flooring with our approved range of sealants.

For your home, where light traffic would be expected, the light and delicate colours of limestone and travertine may be the perfect solution.

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