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Limestone Flooring for Commercial Properties

Limestone flooring may be a great solution if you are looking to complete the interior design of a commercial property. Hard wearing and durable, limestone flooring is available in a range of colours and finishes that will compliment any design scheme.

For a modern space, a honed and polished limestone tile may be the solution. Offered in a range of colours, limestone flooring can provide a blank canvas to compliment a neutral colour scheme or deliver a splash of colour to brighten up a space.

Limestone Flooring for Commercial Properties

Consideration must be given to the type and amount of traffic that is expected to use the flooring. In busy bars or large office spaces, a darker colour with a tumbled finish will deliver a hard wearing and durable surface.

In a stylish boutique, a honed and polished limestone flooring tile can deliver the perfect foil for a design scheme focused on providing the backdrop to the clothes on display.

White-Hall offer great advice and our friendly staff are always on hand to lend their considerable expertise. When making decisions about your flooring, talk to our team at the shop in Hereford or the yard.

Limestone flooring is a durable and stylish option for your flooring. With our help we are sure you will find the perfect stone for your project.

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