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Stone Flooring – French Limestone

Stone Flooring comes in so many wonderful colours that the choice can be paralysing! In this short video, Richard takes us through the colour options in the French Limestone range, detailing the unique colour combinations we have created to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Here we see the elegant Pillowed Edge Fontenay Limestone Tiles in situ. For more …

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Stone Flooring – The Right Limestone For You

Stone flooring comes in so many styles that it is easy to become quickly confused about which stone is right for you. In this short video Rich takes us through the steps in choosing the right limestone tiles. Limestone tiles come in so many wonderful colours and textures, not to mention finishes that some careful consideration is well worth it. …

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Stone Flooring – Which Tile is Right For Me?

The choice of stone flooring is so large these days that we can become easily confused when faced with the questions: “Which stone flooring is right for my project?” In this short video, Richard takes us through some of the steps that will help you take those important decisions and more importantly, reach the right conclusion! Stone flooring can add …

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Sealing Your Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring should be laid down by a professional. With the right sealing, stone flooring offers years of low maintenance. Properly sealed stone flooring tiles will resist marking. It is only when natural stone tiles are laid down without the correct sealing that we see them discolor. In this short video, Richard takes us through the sealing process to ensure …

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Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is a great way to complete either a commercial or residential property. With such a wide range of stone flooring to choose from at www.white-hall.co.uk there is the perfect stone for every project. Traditional slate, European Travertine, beautiful limestone and classic marble all offer their own personality. Stone flooring can be neutral or compliment a particular colour scheme. …

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