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Bathroom Wall Tiling at White Hall

This month we Focus on Wall Tiling – correct fixing, grouts, sealing, and easy maintenance.

With the introduction of stone tiles in bathrooms, the adherence to certain criteria becomes all the more important to ensure good fixing, long lasting looks, and easy maintenance.

1. British Standards offer a guide line to suitability of tile weight / wall type.
2. The use of grouts
3. Sealants, and maintenance products.
4. Wall preparation in shower cubicles.

1. With the introduction of stone tiles for bathrooms, which are generally heavier than porcelain, correct fixing becomes more important. There is a guide by British Standards, which outlines kg/m2 depending on the type of wall the tiles are being fixed to.

a. Plasterboad with skim
b. Plasterboard
c. Render
d. Tile backer

2. It is important to use a good grout to avoid discolouration, and staining of grouts. We recommend to use a Mapei Ultracolour plus grout, this is both water resistant and mould resistant. Coarser, cheaper grouts are more likely to stain and discolour.

3. If using natural stone ensure good quality sealants are used. We recommend sealants by Italian company Fila. Also make sure the correct cleaners are used. Bleaches and strong detergents will slowly break down the sealants, and reduce their effectiveness. Use the recommended cleaner from the sealant company.

4. There is a saying which goes “ if tiling in a shower cubicle, make sure the walls are waterproof before tiling”. Therefore plasterboarding needs tanking before tiling, alternatively use a tile backer board which is waterproof. Failure to take precautions can lead to water seepage through tiles/grout, which will ultimately lead to discolouration of tiles, staining of grout, and build up of mould in wet areas.

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