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Mapei Adhesives Sign Up Exclusive Deal

White-Hall Take on Mapei as Sole Suppliers Of Adhesives, Grouts and Silicons

marble flooring tiles
marble flooring tiles

White Hall have taken on International supplier Mapei as their sole supplier of adhesives, grouts, and silicons.

This relationship offers clients two distinct advantages -

1. Extensive national and international knowledge in the best choice of fixing materials for any given sub floor.
2. Mapei offer, for floor areas over 50m2, a free site visit, with written specification and guarantee for fixing materials.

As White Hall offer a fitting service for both stone and wood floors, this guarantee for fixing materials is essential in ensuring complete confidence for the customer.

Essential Guarantee

White Hall have introduced this service due to the increasing variety of sub floors both stone and wood are being fitted down onto, expertise knowledge is essential in ensuring the right product is used for the right floor.

There is a multitude of adhesives available which all have their particular application.

Nowadays there both anhydrite and traditional sand cement screeds, various wood substrates, tiled, and older cement floors.

If you are involved in any project where this service would be of interest please do hesitate to contact Rich and the team.

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