Limestone Flooring – Old Grey Limestone Feb 2012 | White Hall

Limestone Flooring – Old Grey Limestone Feb 2012

Old Grey limestone flooring supplied and fitted by White Hall – fitted during week commencing 20th Feb 2012.

limestone flooring tiles
Old grey limestone flooring, part of our farmhouse flagstone flooring range, was laid this last week with great success in a clients hallway in Brittania Square, Worcester.

They were particularly after a limestone flooring tile that looked like it had always been there, which the end result certainly looks like it has.

Using our unique combination of single width, but 3 different lengths, the limestone floor replicates a traditional hallway floor of natural flagstones laid in courses ( a “course” is where tiles are laid in the same width running length ways. This is traditionally how flagstone floors were laid ).

limestone flooring tiles
limestone flooring tiles

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